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Gas can be incredibly dangerous to health, so it is essential for property owners in Worthing to ensure they are aware of basic gas safety measures. Neglecting heating systems increases the risk of harm to everyone in the household. As experienced gas engineers and plumbers, we make sure every system meets the highest levels of health and safety. Providing complete boiler servicing, including boiler repairs and replacements, we maximise the efficiency of homes as well as making sure installations meet British Standards. To ensure homes are fully functional, we also offer full central heating repairs and servicing.


Although the majority of customers are aware of the dangers of gas, many do not know the key ways to maintain safety, or the early signs of a potential problem. Always striving to maintain the highest standards of safety in homes, we have provided some important information our customers should know about boiler and central heating maintenance:


Annual Servicing – Annual boiler servicing is extremely important. Not only do our gas engineers make sure all components are working effectively and safely, but they also improve the efficiency of systems, saving customers in Worthing and the surrounding areas money on energy bills.


Annual servicing highlights any necessary boiler repairs or central heating repairs, which our gas engineers and plumbers provide expert solutions for.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and deadly. Faulty boilers are one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide leaks in domestic properties. To protect your household, a reliable carbon monoxide detector should be fitted to provide early warning of a leak.


Regular boiler servicing is also key in preventing serious issues in Worthing Homes.


Common Boiler Faults – It is important to be aware of common causes of boiler faults, along with their level of urgency. Issues such as frozen pipes and heating failure, whilst a nuisance, are not serious problems. However, if you notice that your boiler keeps turning off or is becoming incredibly noisy, you should hire registered gas engineers, such as Dean Widdows Ltd, to assess and resolve the issue before it becomes more serious.


Ignoring gurgling or banging noises, or power problems, can lead to a boiler breakdown which is considerably more expensive to repair. Serious faults which need immediate attention include water leaks, a change in the pilot light flame, or no flame at all.


If you are experiencing problems with your boiler or heating, whether minor or more complex, contact our engineers and plumbers for reliable boiler repairs, central heating repairs and other professional services.

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